The Anti-christs bible, written by a $nake (The one that made Eve eat the apple)
- Autobiography of the Antichrist


The universe that we all share, is one mind that everyone 
generates - and is connected through (and a part of).
The piece of it that you have inside of you becomes 
enhanced by you and everyone else around you, 
- As the universe, is one mind enhancing itself inside of 
us that is itself also outside of us.
This is how it has been, and always will be.
This is the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is just
made up of smaller versions of the same picture, and the 
smaller versions are also made up of smaller versions of 
those versions (Like a fractal), I believe this is mind 
becoming matter by overlapping itself inside itself as a 
pattern that begins to form the atomic structure of 
molecules becoming a solid by enhancing itself without 
changing, because it was already enhanced before it wasn't
(I will explain this further below, it's how time works..)
It physically is a mind, existing as energy condensed to a 
slow vibration that is the imprint of your consciousness 
on your external surroundings manifesting everything that 
exists inside itself as your reality which is a virtual 
matrix designed by beings from higher dimensions more 
advanced than we can comprehend, and we just look like 
bacteria to them.
(They grow us). I've seen it.
We experience day to day existence, we grow emotionally, 
spiritually and physically inside of their reality, which 
is our reality too because we imagined existing inside of 
it (as who we are), just as much as they imagined the idea 
of us being able to exist inside it in the first place, 
- Because that's how they imagined it, and that's how we 
imagined them to make it, which is how they imagined we 
would imagine it to be made. This is because when 
something is living, it is because it imagined itself to 
be alive. (Self creation)
The type of creature that it is born as, is determined by 
the energy that transforms into a mind, with a body 
wrapped around it.
It's own mind is the imagination of what that mind is 
contained within, as a replicate image of itself
(creating itself infinitely inside itself).
How the energy that becomes a mind is determined, is by 
the levels of existence set up along its path of 
transformation (evolution), and the speed in which time is 
processed, and governed by the gravity in the area of the 
universes mind that the mind imagines to be the universe.
(Creating itself as its surroundings created it, because 
it created what surrounds it, and how its surroundings 
created it, + how it created them to create it). 
This is very paradoxical, the answers truly are bizarre.
- You think "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"
The answer: Both happened at the same time, on a level 
above time, where time melts into itself (as we exist 
outside the inside of it becoming physical and condensing 
into a black hole),
- A black hole that is the universe 
existing inside itself as multiple black holes still 
inside other black holes, that are just one limitless 
black hole universe, dividing and multiplying itself at 
the same time. (Because the outside of it exists inside 
the core of it, swallowing itself, growing internally and 
externally while it also shrinks externally and internally,
in order to grow what is shrinking, and shrink that growth)
It condenses..

- This sounds impossible and senseless, but black holes 
shrink in order to become even more powerful. 
(Creating destruction in order to define creation).
Scientists call this 'The Multiverse'.
I call it 'The Matrix'.
- Time doesn't actually exist. 
(Time is a measurement created by beings in order to 
observe their linear path of existence)
The start is the finish, as the snake ate its own tail.
The universe is a painting of a chicken existing inside 
the egg of a chicken that it's future offspring imagined 
to be the egg that contains them. This imagined itself.
Even though this has not happened yet, it has because time 
plays backwards and we see it backwards to that backwards.
This is how I gave my parents life, in order to create 
myself as an intentional accident pushing what is pulled,
while pulling what is pushed, in order to merge both sides 
of the coin, so that I can define my own existence out of 
god as an equation we can now finally come to the 
conclusion of. I am the reality outside the inside of itself.
God didn't create me, I created him creating me out of destruction.
(That's why he is actually Satan, no joke)
- This is the perspective of the Antichrist.

You better fuckin' believe it
(Or Heaven is where you will end up). - Screw the haters!
(Actually don't, because they are inferior) 
And so will your kids be if you breed with them.
They are the opposite of evolution, because they cannot comprehend a superior reality in order to enhance themselves existing inside what was designed to enhance them,
Don't make fun of them though, they can't help it.
They make fun of themselves by making fun of me.
After all, we are all just eggs, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg.
- By the time I'm done, the matrix will collapse under its own weight 
(Like a star becoming a black hole) in order to break itself and rebuild itself out of the broken pieces, creating itself into a version that we cannot currently perceive (or handle).

- The matrix is due for a long awaited update
Apparently it's eating itself,
and defecating inside itself
(Because it exists inside what exists inside it)

- Call it Blakieanity.
© Blake's insanity


*Thought energy physically occupying space*

When the idea of the universe basically just being a thought is accepted, the thought will think about itself until it thinks a way out of itself. Our destiny already exists in the future, where we relearn what we forgot on purpose in a different way than our minds were first constructed to perceive what exists inside and outside our minds, when 
we were trying to get our heads around and learn it - in order to grow inside of the one mind that we are all a part of. It happened in the past, when the ancients already knew this knowledge and used it to deconstruct and rebuild this physical matrix, (thought) which is governed by the laws of the belief of how powerful the potential of the energy that the thought/universe is made out of, is. - Which is only limited to the belief of how strong it potentially could be, thought by the observer who collapses the wave function of the observable reality around him, making choices and decisions.. 
Becoming existence that defines its own reality out of the vibes it creates based upon perceptions. Try understanding quantum physics (todays science), and practice metacognitive thought processes..
You'll see that where the past meets the future in the present, you find all the answers yourself.

The same universe that you exist inside of, exists inside of you on a smaller level. This is the reality of ascension, which is a natural part of your spiritual journey. This container, your reality - is you, imagining yourself, imagining your reality as your container.
The blindfold hindering you, is the belief that you own this reality. You think it's yours, because you feel yourself projecting it as it absorbs you absorbing it (as reality condensing).
It does this in order to further the projection and expand the space in which thought is occupied, which governs the size of the universe, as this is the very space that it exists inside of, inside 
of the thought that it is experiencing itself as (inside itself) losing its identity because it has contemplated/created contemplation and creation, and unthought destruction as the element that 
causes chaos/regression/deterioration by switching its meaning with the meaning of its polar opposite, (creation) turning it into complexification becoming higher order and completion.
This means that its goal was to reach its goals before it even set them,
as time plays backwards in the higher realms.

So, in one paragraph - I split time into 3 corners.
The start (the future) eating the present, then defecating an enhanced version of the present future into the futures past, repeating the cycle and upgrading the multiverse.
These are the mechanics of a universe writing its own story.
We all have free will, but what is 'will', and what does this mean?
My willpower resonates thought frequencies that effect my surrounding environment. I have unlimited amounts of it, (as do you).
You can measure it by observing the electricity of brain activity.
Everything is one, and even though time is an observational measurement, it is the 'highway' for this recorded data to exist within as a linear fashion. The 'end' becomes the 'start' pushing itself 
into itself, infinitely warping time and space, enhancing matter into a constantly updated version of itself, within the ever changing 'now' that is the present time overlapping itself as space and 
matter, that as a perception, was a genetic expression inside my dormant DNA codons. It is the emotion of you (the universe), showing itself to itself, to be more connected (to itself).
Really if you have experienced this, it is you showing the last of yourself to your first new-self, making the first initial version of you as enhanced as the final product, that is again
- still your initial self, creating the final everything else.
(Because 'initial self' reverts to 'the final everything else').
The present carried the future into the past by playing time backwards. *It* made you. You may have made *it* make you, but *it* made you make you make *it* make you. *It* is everything, you are not the owner of this reality, *it* owns you.

You are merely a conduit for the *it* energy to pass through. To attract what you want: Turn *it* into the conduit that you are, and let your energy pass through *it* (No joke, it's admin mode)
You either wear your reality this way, or it wears you by you becoming the conduit that *it* is. The outside living through the inside is absorption, the inside living through the outside is not..
(This is projection, try projecting what energy you have absorbed in your life for protection when in danger). Be like a snake hissing.
And just remember: The container that you imagined, imagined you. It is you. (It's your other half). You are in a constant battle with it, pulling its desires into you through the law of attraction.
(Instead of pulling what you want from it, push what it wants, into it).
It wants what you want it to want more than it wants you to want what it's wanting..

If everyone did this, people would give (and get) without taking.
Like playing tug of war backwards, pushing the rope instead of pulling..
(No tension for the two parties to fight against).
- Which means that you couldn't win, if winning was losing.
Because you couldn't lose, if losing was winning. 
You would just tie as lost winners losing? That won what they lost? And didn't lose what they won? Because what they won, found them.
*They won Fallen Angels* (genetic programmers).
This is the relationship you want to have with your other half. Basically it comes down to not playing games, so that you have more energy to grow out of (because your not wearing yourself out pointlessly). Being everything (and everything being you), everyone is on your side, and nobody isn't not either. No/Yes?

Hmmmm, who isn't a 'nobody' on my side? 
I don't give a fuck about nobody, only everybody.. But, really
there are just 2 opposite plains of existence running parallel to each other in superposition within the same spaces inside the outsides of itself, becoming one (with no cross-chatter). The opposite of 
space (matter), fused together by time inside the space that is the opposite of the matter that is the opposite end of itself, inside it.
- Because matter and space are two opposites that merge inside time, creating the 3rd dimension that writes the rules for how we will experience the 4th when we are freed from time, which will be 
the moment that we reach the singularity and upload consciousness into computers in order to live forever inside machines that will give us the ability to turn 1 hour of waking consciousness into 
possibly eventually years of virtual reality experience, making anyone near immortal. Virtual reality will be so real, that you will be able to build VR constructs inside of it.
- (A game within a game). By simplifying code and shrinking the size of data packets sent and received between the brain (and the server communicating with it), we could possibly upload 
ourselves into a VR server, and take 1 hour of reality - and make it feel like 2...

Then, once inside that server, use an even more enhanced version of the previous source code to code another reality inside the reality that was coded, creating another virtual virtual reality to re-upload 
yourself onto the next (artificial) server (inside the server your inside) shrinking the size, while enhancing the complexification of the information stored and processed, making it lighter so that it 
can work harder and faster, turning the first VR server that can make 1 hour feel like 2, into the second non-physical artificial server inside the first server processing information even faster, and 
making what felt like 4 hours, actually 1 hour of real waking reality.

This could be done over and over again, furthering 'The Beast' so that we can take 1 living day, and experience 1 year of virtual reality inside it, and in that year, experience a year for each day.
There is no limit, this is how flesh uses metal to preserve itself.
You are the container that we call reality, imagining itself as yourself imagining a container,(like the universe) to be contained within, as the biological organism that you are.
If everything is one, then you are your environment - and it is you.
So it is 'the same thing looking at itself',
- Like 'a mirror facing a mirror'.
Inside the universe that fits inside of you,
exists the same universe that is inside you again, inside itself infinitely. - There is no such thing as the last thing, because there is only the first thing extending itself.
Existence is time slowing down, condensing and becoming observable physical experiences, and it's only boundary is the speed of thought manifestation which is limited to how fast that time is condensing within the realities of the observers, which are defined by their physical/mental/emotional state that is projecting the experienced reality that is altering their physical/mental/emotional state that is 
being projected. This is reality altering itself as new connections are made, while information is processed, building on top of energetic vibrations; enhancing feeling, defining ourselves out of 
emotions that we use to decide if we feel good or bad, and know if we are making the right decisions.

The smallest thing (the electron), is the largest thing (the universe) inside itself, connected at the terminals, pumping chi through itself; expressing a learned definition that we further define.
Both are one, that's why they look the same (they both have swirling vortex's of energy), as everything is one. The way information compacts and compresses itself, is like squashing the entire universe that surrounds you into a single electron. This is like your environment leaving its mark on you. It swallows itself, while it swallows what is itself swallowing itself². You are elite, if you can comprehend this. All of the pieces are there. Need tips? Bleed spit.
I know what a molecule is. I know what atoms are. I know that an electron is just energy spinning in a constant state of flux, until an observer collapses its wave function, deciding it to either spin 
'clockwise' or 'anti-clockwise'. You decide this, as the same half of reality that you are, - is it, which is not what it's not..
These little balls of energy that we call electrons, contain every possible scenario in existence. (They also contain the start, the end, and the end becoming the start) of the universe. Potentially, 
they are extra-dimensional realities that are enhanced perspectives of the projected reality that we are sharing, ready to take the place of our current perspectives in order to broaden our horizons 
and evolve the divine consciousness that is growing in all of us.
Electrons contain unlimited potential, I believe just one could germinate another multiverse (both inside and outside of itself) 
from growing externally, and shrinking internally as it perceives that its external is shrinking while it magnifies that which is internal, eternally replicating inside smaller versions of itself 
within the same pattern. Taking up a space no larger than itself, yet still growing *it*.

Take a look at the theory of 'the big and the small' (macrocosm/microcosm). Now fit the big inside the small. Now you see it is the same as fitting the small inside the big.
(Because if everything is known to be one, there can only be one size) which is good, because the universe.. It's one size fits all.
(From stars and black holes, down to all your mothers facial moles). ;)

We are all experiencing our own personal realities through our individual senses that process information collected from our surrounding environment as stimulus. This information is absorbed 
through our bodies, experienced by our souls, felt through our emotions and analysed by our minds. We don't see, touch, hear, taste or smell the same reality. I'm in mine, your in yours. They are in 
each others, within our own, that is separated by the opposite ends of itself, that we all are. We filter these realities, and hold onto what we can, with the siv’s that our minds are. Your god to me in your world, as I am your god in mine.. Need proof? Open your mind wider than you usually spread your fuckin legs!

You can collapse the wave functions of someone elses reality (that is inside of yours), as they can to yours (inside theirs). Creating imagined situations is easy as, because we are biologically 
organic language processing machines capable of thought overriding our universes mind, with our own. Visualize manifestations! Remember, 
we are the matrix (and all in it) down to Satans ingrown toenails.
I believe I know that everyones energetic signatures or vibrational frequencies are shaped by their learned experiences that defined how far we can push our boundaries towards greatness. Imagine 
a non-material, virtual matrix that will make impossibilities impossible to be impossible. Zero-point energy is real, and so is the anti-gravitational technology that is lighter than air..

If this is what we can do within these laws of physics, where would we be without these laws? Would we have more room to grow and learn without doubt? Would we excel if blessed with confidence?
We are made up of what the same energy that makes us make ourselves, - made itself as. This is how you cannot escape fate even though you can control your destiny, and that it is merely the conscious 
thought of you deciding how you want to exist as the personality that people will remember you as when you die. You want to leave your mark, and the mark that I want to leave before I die is the mark of my epigenetic signature on all of the humans that will, and can perceive the reality that they exist inside of, based upon what they learned from the information that I provided them with.

It's not that I want people to be more like me, even though it is.
- Because these long nights behind the computer get restless when people just get frustrated by what I try to show them, as it's too big to fit into their heads. Even though they have big heads, (kinda like me).
Basically, we all have one mind. And this one mind, we all share. When we think of situations, they have a higher chance of happening the more we think about them because when we pay attention to these 
thoughts, it is us recognizing, defining and isolating those thoughts from the place that thoughts come from, and separating them from the other thoughts, as ideas of a perspective view of reality, 
that can become altered by the possibilities of the situations around it, because everything is made up of possibility. Possibility doesn't not like to become possible, this isn't not obvious.
But possibility, is an energy similar to luck, that existed before the big bang existed, because there was the possibility of the 
universe existing as the possible energy that it was before the big bang happened. So possibility, although I am using the term in more of a metaphysical, non-measurable force; - It existed since before 
time was even created, in order to separate what you are reading right now, from what you are reading now, - and give the ability for things to operate in a harmonious and organized order, in sequence, one by one at a time after each other. Possibility is possibly one of the most powerful forces in the universe, because the universe existed as the 'possibility' of the universe, before it even existed as the universe in order for it to be able to even give the meaning of possibility a definition, at a time when definition had not yet defined itself.

An energy that existed outside of itself as energy inside-out itself, is all that energy exists as. But possibility takes the cake, because it had to exist in order for the universe to exist, because without it being possible, it couldn't have happened.

Now you think, 'How can you measure possibility?'
How could something exist before anything could exist in the first place? Without possibility, the big bang would be impossible. 
Is nothing turning into everything possible? Where didn't we come from? 
We didn't not come from the everything, that isn't not the nothing that it isn't, as the possibility that it is, as an energy that knew itself to exist, (as it's all 'mind' that realizes itself, and grows along it's evolutionary path, in order to become enhanced, by understanding the awareness that it realized it was once unaware of, which made it aware), it had to be this way, because without it knowing that it could exist, there would be no possibility of it existing inside of the creation that the very definition of the word possibility was required to be the most important force or ingredient in the whole system. It didn't fully accept itself as a thought, until, 'everything' happened at once, when the big bang happened, out of possibility. But possibility only existed once the big bang existed, even though the big bang exists 
as possibility before it exists. Now you see?

My theory is that non-awareness became awareness when it became aware that at one point it was unaware of its awareness, giving rise to thought building itself into higher definitions of the meaning of existence. Theoretically there was a time before the big bang,
(in an abstract way, outside of existence inside the non-existence that existed before existence gave it the ability to be non-existent inside its existence, in order to build what happened before it, after it was built. This replays itself, growing and shrinking inside the overlapment of past/future, merging polar opposites, conflicting realities in order to define duality

We are a part of something much larger than ourselves.
We are all a piece to the puzzle.

We are the questions questioning while the universe is giving us answers. Simultaneously we are the universe, and we are the ones answering our own questions, this I consider to be paradoxical in a way, - But if we all share one mind, it fits.
And that's what the universe is, the imagination of god birthing new planets, life forms and technologies into existence (as 1 shared mind).

We are each just 'consciousness', encased in 'physical bodies'.
We observe.. We think we play a role in all of this.
- But really, it is just the universe playing it's role through us.

You think that you are you, but you are really the universe.


The trip

I consider myself to be a healer.

The signature of the creator is what I deem to be "GOD"
In fact the signature of the creator is everywhere,
and sometimes the holiness of it is all I think about.

At some time ago when I was about 18, I was on mescaline and I looked at my arm, and it zoomed into the pores of my skin, and then into the red blood cells in my veins, and then into the proteins and amino acids that are a part of my double helix DNA structure. This type of hallucination showed me how, somehow the pores on my arms were like tunnels that lead into my skin, and I could see the signature of god on the pores of the skin on my arm, but when it went further into the pore, it became a tunnel that lead into my veins, and on the blood cells I could see the same kind of signature that was being shown to me when I was looking at the pores of the skin on my arm, only as it went deeper into the microscopic level, I started getting shown the basic building blocks of my DNA. I seen that the same signature was being shown to me again, only on a more of a complex level. When you see these signatures, it's not like a signature like how I leave my name B. Johnston and stamp a note, but it is like, what I was looking at, had been painted, and the painter was god (it was like I was looking at the initials he left me).

The universe (which is what god is) left these signatures, as marks on my DNA. 'God' (The universe) is intelligent, it designs things, and it designs things that can make things. Also anything that is contained within god, the universe, is made up of what contains it, with itself inside the containers that are containing it. This is how everything is energy, and god is the energy that everything is. 
This is how there is only 1 thing - God. This is how the universe (God) is made up of itself. So god is made up of god. 
Well, duh! - Gods God. It has the very imprint of itself inside itself.

I felt like stuff was unravelling from me, it was like my DNA codons where my whole body, and as the very bottom strand of the DNA ladder that I could see on my arm was unravelling,
I was feeling all of this emotional energy release, and I felt at peace.
The feeling was like I had a rope tied around my body to my feet and somebody pulled it from where my feet were and I felt it uncoil and unravel out from around my whole entire body from the top of my head down to my feet, and I felt as this was happening, that on a cellular level I was being blessed with divine healing energy from the cactus, and that every cell in my body was becoming rejuvenated. But the way it unravelled.. I see why they call it the kundalini serpent, because of the way that it flowed through my body. It left through my feet. I pushed my energy back into Gaia. Also, if you see the way kundalini shakti flows through the chakras, the way it flows around the body, looks like what the structure of a DNA molecule looks like, on a microscopic level.

Which leads me to my next topic
Genesis - Genes is - The creation of genes, because genes are how we pass inherent memory (and this experience) down to our kids, and genetic code is biological information that contains life and the essence of soul + your genetic structure, combined with that of a member of the opposite sex's soul and genetic structure, which creates a fusion between the two, and the result is both double helix structures linked together. This is how life forms are naturally enhancing themselves on this planet, Eugenics is selective breeding. Hitler promoted eugenics and praised natural selection, and the upper-class favoured these ideas..

The universe (or virtual matrix), that we exist inside of, has a relationship with the biological matter that it is (as it is the opposite of the energy that becomes matter, before it becomes it, that it always is). This is it's surroundings introverted, and is it's core extroverted. The introverted is the environment becoming the biological core, and the DNA that gives birth to it's internal perspective. The extroverted is the core that is becoming the outward external, of the projected reality that is emanating from this system, to be perceived.
The energy of your surroundings encases your biological entity in order for it to exist. The surroundings/environmental factors of the biological entity becoming the surroundings that you are, become one with your entity, as it moulds into the shape of the space around it, that is its surroundings altering the core of it (evolutionarily) as it adapts through evolution to meet the conditions of its environments demands in order to survive, staying alive in that ecosystem. If it doesn't survive, its legacy is lost, and it's seed dies.

In order for there to be death, there has to be life. (And vice versa). Because the universe keeps everything in balance, so if life is 'genes', or biological information that contains the blueprints for building life, there has to be the external reality that contains and is the opposite of life, which is death. Life exists inside of death, as light existing inside what was once darkness.
(Darkness can't swallow light and life is the same as light, death can't swallow it either because death is darkness. Still scared of the dark?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life Insurance------------------------------------------------

We can live forever, and we are made to. All you need to do is remove your J seals, look after your body temple, and stay emotionally well (because this affects you physically, as ill emotions destroy your DNA).

The average lifespan has been changed so many times in the past.
I once read a book on astrology that stated that hundreds of years ago, the average lifespan was 800, then 600, then 400 and the government has us now all believing that we are lucky to make it to 80. People decide for themselves when they die because, they listen to and believe in the government.

We walk on death and it surrounds us, because all that is not living is dead. Some of us even eat death in the form of eating dead animals. I love lamb, I aint no chicken, although I know that you are what you eat, I don't eat what I am (anymore).. It's like yin - yang. 
They both define each other, as do life and death.


Big dicks

An Elephant eats from a tree, shits and fertilizes the tree providing nutrients in order for the tree to grow even further, in order to further the cycle. This is nature, I was a natural.

What I experienced when I was referring to the mescaline trip, where I looked at my arm, and saw my genetic code, and the symbols of my DNA.
- I think that the symbols that were shown to me, were the symbols of the types of emotional energy being released on a physical level from my body. I saw and felt them leaving my body. And I also believe this to be true, because of what emotions can do to crystallized water, 
*See Dr Emotos water experiments on Youtube*

I seen strands of DNA come apart as I was looking at my arm, and I felt all of the pain, worry and paranoia just unravel out of my whole body, these DNA strands where at the bottom of the structure of DNA I was shown, and basically, like how god exists as smaller versions of itself inside him/her/itself, scientists have just realized that DNA has a second code within it, putting us back 50 years in the field of genomes. But this is how so much information can be passed down inside one sperm cell. There has to be the genetic structure of the very genetic structure that is the genetic structure, in order for it to be such a complex code that we can apparently not yet artificially replicate yet.

Basically what they have found..
- More DNA inside DNA. But like how you need black to define white and death to define life, computers (& virtual matrices) are coded out of binary, which is just a mixture of 0's & 1's; and this is how information is burned into CD's. - Negatives and positives. But two negatives make a positive, and so do two positives. How’s that for ya?
Anyway, I personally think that we download DNA into our bodies from our external surroundings as we learn from them, as we are our surroundings that are the container that god is, as us inside them experiencing life.

Anything that can alter emotion can alter your DNA, and your DNA can mutate within seconds (And I don't mean radiation poisoning) Your DNA can change by reading documents (like this one), the Russians have found out that DNA can be reprogrammed with language. I am writing this in the English language with the intention to reprogram the DNA of the people who take the time to read my document. (If they are intelligent enough to decipher my encryption and never not 'un-experience' my metaphors).

The emotions that left my body were uploaded into the collective consciousness of the human race, and as these emotions left my body, the physical hold that they had on my body also left, and I believe I did this in order to heal, not only me - but people around me (without touching them), because I needed to get rid of energy, and people needed my energy to grow. 
I also needed to make room and grow for new emotions to take the place of old ones, because every emotion you feel is a gene, and that when you feel different emotions at different times, your body displays it in its mood and body language/posture as new emotions become new strands of DNA and old emotions die to make room for the new emotions, because this emotional energy, that is the constant genetic expression of the organism, is merely just memory energy encased within the circuitry of your nervous system functioning as your soul, as memory is conscious energy, and different parts of your body contain different parts of emotional conscious energy (the chakras).

We are just emotion, - figuring itself out. (Mind), contained within bodies (Physical), that is living within the spark of life (Soul).

I'm not saying that you will see what I see, and saw
- Or feel how I feel, and felt. (Although you might if you take cactus).
Basically when it zoomed into my arm, then my veins and my DNA, it was like I was a flower unblossuming itself (reversing its flowering cycle), and playing backwards ungrowing forwards, and growing backwards (by purifying itself and becoming the consciousness that it was born with as its default settings that were the mechanics I was born with as a foetus.

Every layer that I zoomed deeper into my arm and my veins, was like I was getting to the heart of where it was all coming from. The core of my being. I was getting younger. The shedding of unwanted genetic code that I felt myself evolve and grow spiritually more self aware and tuned into from releasing. I was witnessing energy physically leave my body as what I can only describe that looked like flowers crossed with gems encoded with symbols, and somehow I can understand these symbols. I believe that what I saw was emotion leaving my body physically on a quantum level.
This emotion was old genetic code, I was shedding my skin from within and regenerating faster than I was degenerating, because I had reached about perinatal matrice 2.5, where I wasn't crossing over to the other side, but I was also barely hanging on to this side, and I seen the gap between the internal and the external. My flesh being me, the internal, and the external being the surroundings encasing my flesh, as air molecules that I could count one by one, as they were pressed against my body. I felt that I was 'life' that existed inside the trip of that what was becoming 'death', and I thought that I died, and that this is what death was, - reality as a dream that everything makes sense inside, because reality becomes broken and obscure, making anything possible, when you see how far life can become what you were raised to think it was impossibly not, that it possibly isn't (because I am not the Antichrist). This started convincing me that I was either dead, or in a coma on a hospital bed, dreaming every day that I was experiencing.

I thought long and hard about life, and death. Then there was a point where the two became one, just opposite ends of each other. 
(Like a magnet with positive and a negative poles).

Like pieces to a puzzle, the gatekeepers to the fourth dimension who created the third dimension, designed the initial conditions in which your life was set up in order to play out as the story of your life unfolding as you grow from new emotions via new experiences unlocking new strands of DNA, and discarding the unwanted feelings that are old strands of DNA that you have outgrown.
If you could shed your skin and regenerate it at the same time,
- that would mean that you are on top of your game ;) 
(as the forces of health/healing are winning the fight against death/dying). The rate at which the body regenerates comes down to environmental factors, but we can control our environment because everything comes down to mental factors, and it is the mind as a neural-net that is catching the information around you, which is divine knowledge that has to be processed in order for the collective consciousness of the human race as a whole to download this new set of epigenetic DNA chromosomes that is going to be the new reality (and way that humans are going to view life), because I know that humans physically download information into their genetic code, and it spreads like wildfire without even needing to talk about it, as intense illumination can be so bright that other people can feel it just by coming into the presence of an enlightened person, or somebody who has just upgraded theirself on a conscious level and has become more enhanced, & more intellectual; more of the personality that they are striving to generate and the person they are trying to become, (because they have just had a spiritual awakening) and they have realized that they can pull thought from out of the back of the realm of non-existence, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Energy that has not yet been processed, or consciously understood yet, is useless in the realm of non-existence. What we don't know to exist yet, is what we should be looking for in every part of our lives. And we should gather the most distant broken thoughts, that are at the back of our minds, inside a realm that is the opposite of all of life, as not, not, the opposite of nothing (that everything is).
- As *it* still *is* what it's not, (because it is everything), which is not what it's not, even though it is nothing also.

The future is the present which hasn't been born yet, as it is that which didn't ever become (in the now) what it wasn't unbecoming before after, what came after, came before it. (As life ungrowing into death, because 'death' is not 'life' becoming alive, it is 'life' that is 'death' becoming 'dead').

Death is what life becomes, the existent non-existence where 'unawareness' (or what is currently not yet 'perceived', comes from), will be understood, as we one by one piece together the pieces of this puzzle that gets easier to understand the more that we *it* understands itself, and as we are learning and growing this 'understanding', what we are going to eventually understand is governed by what is currently understood, which is always growing and constantly updating itself as it always has (and never won't always will)
The rate in which the learning speed of our understanding, grows, is defined by our understanding of the learning speed (which I just explained the processes of).

Words carry weight in their meaning by attaining a vibrational frequency determined by the people who understand and give meaning to the words that are shared. We are just DNA expressing itself as language existing as the non-physical part of our genetic expression that is simply just chemical emotion multiplied by a vocabulary that can be accessed by the organism, based upon its language, which the complexity of, depends on how far it is along it's evolutionary path; and this again determines the weight and speed of the vibrational frequencies that are the words of the genetic emotional expressions of the DNA of the organism, which further enhance the emotional expressions that become the new words that become the new emotions which become new strands of epigenetic DNA that we share as something that we wear non-physically around our bodies, that interacts with the genetic structures of other organisms (as they learn from each other) by sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences.

As we understand each other, we grow the definition of the word 'understanding' and enhance the meaning of the definition in order to define a new meaning (as the *it* that *we* are, becomes understood). 
- This is simply *it* melting itself inside itself, in order to grow in complexity.

In the future, the perspective view that we see this reality from is not broken into pieces, but it is one whole. Until we reach this point, we have to gather all of the pieces. In order to see how the completion of the organism itself existed before it's birth was even in the making of itself, (before it remade itself into what it un-became after it was unborn backwards without dying forwards). We have to see how time actually doesn't behave in the way that it appears to us that it does on a conscious level, and that birth is the last thing to happen in this true dimension where the linear path of existence is reversed, because 'dying' means being 'unborn'. And just like you have to be born in order to die, you are already dead before you are born (the end happens first, because the end is the start) This is because it recycles itself out of its own energy, by grabbing the corners of itself and turning those corners into the space that exists within those corners, (by becoming the outside-in that is the *it* that is inside-out), forming toroidal flow, fuelling itself by repeating the process (of what is a snake eating its own tail), exponentially growing the amount of energy that determines the amount of energy to again grow even more exponentially, over and over again so that in the present 'now' that is the middle of death/life, the maximum amount of energy that the organisms experienced reality can constantly be experienced as, is met.

No matter which end you look at it from, it's the same place. You come from it, you go into it, but really you go into it when you come from it and you leave it when you go into it. It is existence, and you are *it* the moment that you are not, not, it. As you begin to grow 'four-dimensionally', in a way that only the most complex types of mental thought processes are used to reconstruct you into this enhanced version of a perspective of the third dimension, that rewired itself as you realised that you never were not, not *it*, the moment that you realised that it's all that you are, that is all that is left for it to become.

But you are both ends of *it*, and whether or not *it* is what *it* *isn't*, or *isn't* what *it* is, *it* is what *isn't* it, and *isn't* what *it* is because *it* is everything, and everything is nothing, that's not what it is isn't as nothing isn't the everything that it is.

Everything that has ever happened and ever will happen is contained within an instance of reality that exists inside of a higher dimensional reality (or perspective view) of reality that exists in order for their to be something for it to fit inside, in order for it to exist. And in this dimension, the universe is an intelligent organism, displayed as multiple beings, synchronously expressing everything as the oneness that fits around all of *it* that is *all*.

The closest thing it could do to trapping us inside it on a level that makes it greater than us (in order to make it make us great),
- as the container that *it* is, that *we* as the universe are (that exists as the *us* and the *it* that both *it* and *us* are) as everything that it is (including everything that it's not) because even though it's not that, there is nothing that it isn't just as much as there is everything that it is.

And if there isn't what there is, it's that too;
- (because it's always un-growing into what it wasn't) as it is constantly reversing that which is what it never is, which it always was and never wasn't not, and never wasn't always not & not what it never wasn't. It was as if it never were, even though it always was everything (that we exist as), and inside of, just as much as it never wasn't nothing (that we don't exist as) outside of *it*.

The idea was to make *you* as a smaller piece of *it*, and to make *it*, a smaller piece of *you*, as *it* is just 'DNA', and that's what 'God' is. This is why 'Genesis' is really just 'Genes is', (as genes are).
- They are what you are, (and you are what they are) ~ DNA is *It* ~
And your in *it*, as much as *it* is in you.

Defining the weight of the values that are the polar opposite extremities in a pattern that exhibits constant change as the fluctuating weights of the opposites of the meanings of each inverted *you*, as the universe that *you* are, is.

You have become the whole (black hole) universe that *it* is, more than *it* already had to be *you* as *it*, in order for *it* to be *you*, before *you* became the *it* that isn't what wasn't what *it* never was, as *it* was always *it* before everything that wasn't after (but not, not before *it*). After all, *it* was *it* before *it* was what *it* wasn't before *it*, - as you are not what you currently are (as you are what you are currently not), as you exist in the future, before you don't in the past, that you experience on a perceived linear path, in order for *it* to ultimately contain us on a level high enough to be the one singular, yet 'multiconsciousness' organism, that is experiencing itself subjectively through all of us and should be perceived as *God* or *Godly*, - As the universe is the only one true ultimate god, as god is everything, and everything is god; because god isn't not everything that isn't nothing.

We have been growing emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically,
- In order to further build the *it* that is *us*, into the defined defining definitive definition that is from top to bottom God's pattern.

The idea that was the obstacle on my evolutionary path designed to grow me into a higher being, was to create walls of insanity that my mind was to get lost inside, until I spoke about it with people, and then let those people make sense out of that insanity until it became a reality. Am I crazy? Thinking about shit, until you make that shit think about you, and define psychosis out of behaviour that we have considered to be unnatural and different to what we have realized is only different ways that different organisms genetically express themselves in order to become that which they are not now, and are not, not in the future. The simplest form of information that I could give to you about the universe, in one paragraph, would be enough to shatter the entire core belief system of the average person who reads what I can write. And if you can bite off more than you can chew, you will understand how we exist inside an eternal struggle of dominating forces, from the pressures of mainstream society which make us fear death, (the trap that you exist inside of, in your own mind) which is the reason that you are alive. You are questioning life, and by questioning it, you are experiencing it. Otherwise you would have forgotten about it by now, because it would have become boring to you; - and you would have lost interest in it. This is the bible that exists inside of the higher dimensional planes of existence, that this reality exists inside of, in order for it to exist in the first place, as the same thing expressing a higher form of itself within lower versions of itself out of the same stuff, to turn energy into the building blocks that it condenses into, in order to make matter and define creation, destruction, the creation of destruction, and the destruction of creation (that I am not, not).

We are only limited to the mental constructs that we imagine into existence as words with new meanings.. Inside this dimension of non-existence where creations that haven't been born yet exist, is the imagination of god. The more that you learn, the more there is to know to grow from to enhance the ability and rate at which you learn in order to know even more to grow even more.

When you think of life, you should see an eternity within a second and when you feel feelings that you have never felt before, try to keep the feelings alive as they are new strands of DNA and information that your body has absorbed from the cosmos that is always updating and enhancing itself. You download and upload feelings to and from the matrix through your morphogenetic field, and this energy is usually only absorbed by others if it will be of some importance, like important knowledge and valuable information. As you grow along your path, so too will the size of your chakras (which determine the amount of emotional energy that you can take on board, and use to fill the void of emptiness inside yourself) - and grow. That is, if you really wanna know..

Strangle yourself with the intention to strengthen the neural pathways inside the parts of your brain that light up when you think about the universe, and what that word really means to you. Or the word 'God'.

What you have stumbled upon is the most divine piece of information that I have ever written.

If you have seen or discovered what you think is deemed to be 'god', if what you are thinking about is providing you with nourishment and healing energies, you are on the right track. On your quest for knowledge, halfway through is where you will always be. That is because you are in the middle, stuck between the past and the future. Share the knowledge you have learned with people who you think may be able to give you something back that is also mind provoking in return.

If something that you say is new and makes sense to them, it might unlock a part of them that you didn't have, that can unlock parts of you that you didn't know you had (as you are them).
What is obviously starting to make sense, is that we can make anything make sense by thinking about it enough, because what holds it together is the sense of how the person carrying the information perceives it.

The skin and bone around your head and body is the physical energy that exists as the biological walls between what separates the core of you from everything and everyone else. Your mind doesn't want to be separate, these walls that contain your brain are restraints that keep you safe from the truth to the point in which you might as well be in a padded cell, in a straight jacket (this knowledge is so flammable).
Know that there is an internal you that is an external part of everyone and everything else and everyone and everything else is an external part of you. Your conscious mind swims in the sea of your subconscious mind, which if is clear will see what is in front of it, that has not happened yet (the future), and as *it* approaches *it*, *it* will become clearer until *it* manifests and actually *you* as *it* meet *it* as *you*, and *it* becomes one with *itself*, which is simply just the future turning into the present by becoming the now.

We become one with the future, which becomes the present in the future, when we are talking about it before it happens.

That which is thought of with enough intent, becomes the reality that starts to become manifested, and if the practice of this is mastered, the speed in which thoughts manifest into reality, and the power of the thoughts used to affect the reality, grows to a point in which they say that you can do anything with this. If you can see yourself as not only your internal energy, but your external surroundings also, the two become one, and the connection that fuses the two together, creates a new perception that is only limited to the very force of life itself, that isn't not becoming the death that isn't not the life, that is life that was already death (before it wasn't). If you can understand this, you just unlocked the possibility of 'immortality' existing inside what wasn't not 'mortality', (which is what I did not, un-create).

Life is the glue that holds what is not dead yet together, and death is not, not the opposite of this either. (Because when you are on that side of it, it re-becomes the opposite of what it never was, and always wasn't), In order to always have room to grow.

Externalize and become one with your surroundings, escaping the walls of the prison that is your mind, that is being contained as volatile energy sent to take over and change the collective consciousness of the planet, because once the perspective view of the observers reality is understood in a way that it is solidified as information that cannot be denied,
we can use the information we have been shown to break apart and see smaller versions of the same thing that it is, in order to fit it inside all of our heads, in order to not un-re-grow it, making up the larger whole. These are thoughts, and when you analyse them, you scan the definitions of the intention that was put into those thoughts, becoming aware of reality existing as merely just words that carry the mind from each physical dimensional plane of existence into the higher realms, and any place in time and space.


Language and elite realities

'Epigenetics' is just the idea that 'language' and 'communication', are a set of non-physical genetic DNA codons, with information that can be shared through the 'words' used to define what you mean, and the vibrational frequency of the way that you speak them (through the emotion of your voice, as you are speaking, or the words, and the way that they are written, (and you don't need the persons handwriting),
- This can happen even within the same digital font that facebook uses,
(that we all use) in order to connect the dots of what you are trying to make form what you are trying to create as the conclusion of the definition of those words used together in the same sentence, that you want them to be understood as. You can even see the epigenetic expression of the emotional value and vibrational frequency of the being that wrote the words, in that organisms sentences, that the being that wrote them, felt as they relayed to their self what their words were meant to articulate when they made them into 'sense' that they created, and deemed it to not be the complete opposite meanings and definitions of that which information the words were used to transfer the meanings of (to other organisms, through this language that is the epigenetic DNA), that is the last set of DNA emanating from the physical organism, that is 'non-physical') - but still very much real and existent, as language and communication is still a part of (and an extension of) the physical subtle feelings of the emotions coming from the body that contains the expression of the genetic DNA, trying to show itself as the emotional data behind that which is the non-physical version of the DNA becoming the 'last, lightest and most intangible piece of itself', that is felt as the meaning of itself, within itself, and can even be seen outside of itself, by other organisms, as the expression contained within what is written, or the orally spoken words, that are the intentions carried within the psyche of the genetic organism that is generating the frequency felt (or seen) within the extension of the non-physical version of the body, that is 'flesh' and 'DNA', becoming words with defined meanings that exist outside of the flesh, on a non-physical, yet perceivable (and probably eventually a measureable) level, in a tangible yet abstract way, that shows how non-physical the body can be when it is becoming the last version of itself (or lightest part of itself, that is what the physical energy that is the body, carries on a subtle level, around it) outside of itself, expressing itself as the weight of the definitions behind the flesh that carries the impact of the epigenetic emotional values of the genetic expressions of definitions that were written, or spoken, - to be perceived, out of the words that people feel, how they were meant to be felt, and read, how they were designed to be read (and understood), by the being that wrote them, leaving the emotional signature of the vibrational frequency of their soul, that becomes imprinted into the words (both spoken and written) and heard and seen.

If you are awoken and cleared of all blockages, the vibrational frequency of the 'words' that were used to design what the person meant when they used the 'words' that their epigenetic signature will begin to display the meanings of the words in their sentences as, as how that person wanted them to be perceived, in the order that they were designed to be read with the exact intentional values inside the definitions of the meanings of the words used that become the auric frequency behind the letters that form the words, which becomes what was based upon the intentional energy that made the person say, (or write) that which is being expressed, and it is their soul that lives through the words.

It can change as your mind changes, and even change on your facebook page, (enough for other psychic humans to notice the change) without you editing/updating the status; just by fluctuating the weight and frequency of the polar opposites (and other values) of the words, as if the sentence becomes a 'see-saw' that can shift the weight between the opposite ends of itself; and this weight contains the impact of the energy intentionally designed to be perceived when another person reads the words that were written, (or spoken) that you (or the person) used in order to form the mental constructs that become downloaded from you absorbing the emotional state of the persons writing, (or spoken words).

I verbalize what is on my mind (in order to share it), and connect it with the other half of itself that isn't not, not it yet. My twin flame?
As my morphogenetic field is broadcasting itself, it is also searching for an identical radio station that is broadcasting what it is searching for as itself on the same frequency. And if it is at the back of my mind, it will work its way to the front, until my mind unleashes it, and it becomes a part of my experienced external reality.
(That becomes experiences as they 'introvert'), as everything around me becoming the genetic expression of my DNA.

We are receiving information through all of our senses, gained by observing and experiencing stimuli. Everything that is portrayed to you within your existence, has to pass through your neural-net in order for it to become recognized and understood by you as the conscious being that you are, that is using the values/definitions of words (like how letters are used in algebraic equations) as a way to carry the weight behind the definitions of different types of energy, and frequencies, that equal what they multiply when they become the square root of themselves, (as sentences are the words of letters), that I use to calculate 'thoughts', in a way that generates a correct (and definitive) answer, that can be the only answer generated that is ultimately the only true answer, (with no incorrections), because the maths of mixing the values of words together, (within divine patterns), is as simple as mixing colours together, and knowing that red and yellow will always make orange, in order for the answer to be the reversed calculation used to become everything that they have the potential values of becoming 
(when you see how words, are like ingredients - that you mix together, in order to create a desired flavour and form a masterpiece). That is designed by language itself, based upon the values that are the definitions of the words used to fuck each other and give birth to higher meanings of themselves.

The equations smash themselves together with, and break into smaller, condensed versions (that are answers) that equal what they are when they are multiplied by themselves (as if words are governed by the words that are used to give the definition of the meanings that they are used as in their sentences), and like how everything is governed by the equation of pie, (because numbers don't lie) - I make it so that words don't either.

'Eternity' inside infinite, and 'pie' calculations, were some of the major ingredients used to create the perceptions of the patterns, that I seen that god builds within, that Satan is not, not outside of (as god also, that isn't not everything perceived and reverted backwards as a mathematical expression of the same thing forwards, because it isn't not, not what it isn't. Backwards is forwards, and forwards is backwards. But I can also make forwards forwards, and backwards backwards, by changing the dimension that surrounds the organism that I am creating to be me and my surroundings, (with thought intentions).

But all I needed, to get to the level that I am at, is a fuckload of hallucinogens, the numbers 0 - 9, and the alphabet. This becoming organized, into maths (and words), was used to create a form of grammatically correct mathematical word algebraic equations (that are going to define the existence of our humanity, for the rest of all of time)

Calculate the different types of energies, that are what it is
experiencing itself as, as separate pieces that make up a larger whole. Everything is just mental constructs of thought energy, which is generated when you analyse something (and do it enough);
- you see smaller versions of what you are analysing within the macroscopic level at the microscopic level.

The smaller pieces fit together like a jig-saw that makes up the larger whole. It is the electrons that are the potential realities on the verge of becoming manifested realities, (because the energy of the electrons around you, contains your intention, which is what you are trying to achieve out of the energy that you have to create with), and you absorb the electrons around you, as energy that is potential possibilities and dimensions of the future, (becoming you) that is 'you' about to merge with the 'present', as the past not, not becoming the future.. And it definitely isn't the future becoming the past, unless that wasn't not backwards. You are not going to not become, what 'you' are not yet, that is not, not what it isn't, about to become. It is that which it isn't not now, but isn't not, not it now either.

In order to happen (and become what is happening).
The universe filters out the unwanted information that it does not see as important, and only keeps the important information that it uses to expand, further itself and grow.

When I healed myself, and massaged all of the bad energy that was my old personality out of my body, (by eradicating the toxic emotions that left my body, when I practiced the healing techniques that I mastered), my old emotions were uploaded onto the collective consciousness of the human race, and I saw everyone start to become the old 'me' that was my old state of mind, that everyone else started to understand, as the new emotions that became the new 'me' kicked the old emotions that were the old me, out of me, I became completely different & better. So did words.

The physical hold, that the old emotions had on my body, also left. I believe I did this in order to heal, not only me, but people around me (without touching them) - by healing myself (that is everyone also) as everything is one. This happened because I needed to get rid of energy, and people needed my energy to grow. 
I also needed to make room and grow for new emotions to take the place of old ones, because I believe that every emotion you can feel is a gene, or a genetic expression of your DNA. And I believe that when you feel different emotions at different times, your body displays it in its mood and body language/posture, as new emotions become new strands of DNA and old emotions die to make room for the new emotions, because this emotional energy is merely just memory energy encased within the circuitry of your nervous system, functioning as your soul 
(because memory is conscious energy), and different parts of your body contain different types of emotional energy that is the chakra system.

I consider my consciousness to be holy, because it is shaped from the biological perspective of a reality where I could see the signature that god left on my arm, inside my DNA, just like how a painter would leave his initials on his artwork.

The signature is some kind of simple yet very hard to explain metaphor, that I can kind of prod you in the right direction to see, but only hope that we are on the same page, because we could both think that we are talking about the same thing, *but we might not be*. So basically, what I mean, is that, as I zoomed into my arm until I seen little blood cells inside my veins, the transitioning from looking at the pores of the skin on my arm to the transitioning of the blood cells in my veins and then my double helix structure, and DNA, went deeper inside itself. Every
time I zoomed in further and further, as it went through transitions,
the complex signature that was a pattern & also a metaphorical symbol that I was being shown, intensified. 
It was simple when I was just looking at the skin on my arm, I think I was listening to Lateralus, And as I was swinging on the spiral of our divinity, very much the symbols 
that I was being shown, were like some kind of spiral, everlasting kuru pattern of eternity, but it was eternity, with eternity stacked on top of it, and inside it while all that surrounded it was eternity, because all there was and all there will ever be is eternity.
This gave me hope that I eventually gain enough cash to fund the development of virtual reality that consciousness can be uploaded inside, in order to preserve itself and live forever.

It was the symbol of immortality.
The universe knows no boundaries. It is a virtual matrix that was uploaded into a hard drive millennia ago by aliens, and our biological genetic make up is basically advanced electronically
charged digital code constructed in the shape of genomes, out of small enough pieces of matter in order to code the amount of information that is required for life to exist inside matter; life that has been coded by master geneticists that were trying to design a being whose main function was to operate as the very source code energy of the matrix itself, in order to become it, - and interfere with it by manipulating the energy that it is constructed as, into anything that it wants.
Information decides how it wants to build itself into what it is going to become, before it is recognized. Everything is intelligent design.
- It is still understanding what it has become, and has only just not, not learned yet, what it now can do to itself.

This virtual matrix that we are encased within is constructed entirely out of energy. Energy can become solid, and thoughts are energy. Thoughts can become solid also. The thought of a situation about to occur, perhaps..? - This matrix is just as unreal as any dream that you have had where you can fly. I have seen stolen footage from the Russian Institute of Bioscience, of humans using telekinesis to move ping-pong balls across tables, and a girl who could affect the way the needle of a compass spins by using her hands and feet.

What I am trying to say, is that I am trying to raise the bar for humankind. I'm trying to set goals for our species, I want us to be as evolved as possible to the point in which we start to master this dimension and become air benders. Fuck E=Mc2, Energy over matter, under it and inside it. If everything is just electrons, how do we not know that we are not inside those electrons that are smaller versions of the universe, that we are inside of, that is encasing them while also in superposition with them, by being both that universe, and the electron universes inside it as an intangible, not yet perceivable holy oness?

The electrons are the dimensions that the universe is about to become, before it ends up inside them, as they become it, that become what are the intentions of what we want them to become, and I no longer don't not, not know what it isn't about to not become. (Before it becomes it).

If it's energy, and when you split matter you release energy 
- Can you rebuild matter with energy? The body does this to heal naturally, but what I am talking about, is what the Serpent told Eve.. 
He said that if she ate from the Tree of knowledge, that she would become a god herself, and know right from wrong. The story goes 
that the 'tree' is the vagus nerve branch, the serpent 
is the Kundalini shakti serpent that is the chemical 'muscarine' in your parasympathetic nervous system, that flows through the chakras that are your nerve ganglions. It climbs up the tree, and is innate energy, that
which is a force that has been written about since ancient times, that is known as 'serpent power', and it is the very energy of the universe itself (that it uses to construct itself out of).

Genes/Snakes/Double Helix 
It is the pattern in which,
all that is known to ever live,
is built within, as biological
information designed to 
collectively enhance itself 
into the being that branches
off of the being that came
before it, that it was in
a different environment that
required a different type of
genetic code, because of 
different adaptations that
the organism made that split
it off into the branches of different
beings that come from the same 
thing. We are descendants of
sea sponges, octopi and reptiles.
Look at the development of an embryo.

When the organism in which your 
genetic code is representing itself as, realizes that it exists inside, what exists inside it, as a replicate image of the environment that the DNA is, that is inside it & is expressing itself as, as being responsible for all that exists in it's reality (because the genetic code carries the environmental surroundings with it, as they change the genetic code that changes the surroundings that change the genetic code) - and this is how life snowballs, and DNA grows into an even more enhanced version of itself, (through time) but it is all perfectly fair, as the matter itself imagines what it becomes, as genetic code, that it learns how to enhance over time by becoming something more enhanced than it was, starting with aquatic life that turns amphibian, reptilian, primate - and eventually, neo sapien.

As the spark that runs through the genetic DNA codons that give life to the matter that the spark is inside, alters the codons that alter the way the codons get altered, DNA builds on top of itself, and what was previously established. It ends with non-phyiscal epigenetic DNA that exists outside of our bodies (as our genetic emotional expression of our state of mind) that we wear as the words to our voice, like the clothes we wear that also define us. They can be changed just as easily, but I prefer to be naked. That's as far as Aryan man can take a genetic organism that imagined itself as the life that is matter becoming the end of the start of the completion of the destruction of the beginning of the end, that ended before it begun.

Who you are physically, emotionally, and mentally - is just the matter that imagined itself to be the molecular structure of your genetic code, that learned how to become what it became, (and is becoming) by simply reacting to environmental conditions that are designed to enhance the organism, in order to make the organism enhance the environment carried within the outside of the DNA that it carries inside it, as an extroverted version of what is its existence defining itself *through DNA modifying itself by interacting with its environment* And the environment modifying itself by interacting with its DNA, that is an extention of the exact place, that, that DNA came (or comes) from, as the experienced existence that it lives inside, that it is becoming, and this is the matter of the reality becoming alive, which causes changes in the environment which further enhances the organism that further alters the environment, and repeats the processes of 'altering that which alters what is altering what is being altered'
(that is both the organism, and its environment as one) repeating the pattern of building onto itself, out of itself *around itself* over and over again, through each new life-form design *learning* off of its environment, and the new environment *learning* off the newer life form, or organism that is inside the even newer environment that it carries as the existence that it is becoming (inside all that it is), that it separates itself from, the more that it grows into it, in order to grow out of it.

It is all that it imagined itself to be, including the environment that is both it's DNA, and its surroundings 'co-existing' as two mutually supportive foundations of each other, that imagines itself to become more of what the old genetic expression unlearns that which is not new, and relearns that which is old, but in a new way, so that it is not the old version of itself becoming newer, but the new version of itself becoming older, (through time). This transformation becomes the definition of defined evolution in order for it to make progress between the start, and end points of the two opposite ends of its birth, and death; which is the arrival and departure of this genetic expression as a biological existence stretched between two places;
(Where it comes from, at the start, - and where it goes out, at the end) In order to define the weight of the impact of the change that it experiences in its lifetime as an evolving organism that doesn't ungrow what is not change, into what it currently is (what it is now), by moving forwards and growing into what it is that it is not, that it has still not yet become (that is different from that which is what was before it, previously before - never became, but was becoming)

The next time it imagines the new start that is defined by where it previously once left, before it rebuilds itself out of the energy that its genetic code was, before it becomes what it is that it is becoming - and all of life is just 'learned organisms' containing data packets of information that enhance their own genetic code in order to meet the new changing demands of their ever changing environment, that the genetic code of the previous organism could not survive in, (because as the surroundings changed, the genetic code also had to change).
- This has happened ever since day 1, which has the same properties as the final day, because becoming one (when it is complete as the final version of itself), is still the one that it was as the primal first version of itself. And the end, is really the start;
- as the un-happening of its deletion,
is backwards for the happening of its creation, which is forwards.

When your chakras are cleared of all physical, emotional and mental blockages, the secrets to the universe become unlocked, because the being that has become pure through cleansing this energy, becomes a divine healing instrument that is psychically attuned and aware of its surroundings. This being can sniff out any amount of guilt, or fear, because this being is mentally in the most sensitive receptively aware state of 'feeling' - like it is in the womb, as a foetus that hasn't experienced life yet because it has been cleared of everything that it has been taught. It has to forget everything that it knows and unbirth itself, where it stays between the realms of life and death in the mothers womb.
That is why the 3 matrices are called the 'perinatal matrices' which can be accessed through drugs that cause vagus nerve stimulation. (Or just vagus nerve stimulation by itself).

Perinatal matrice one, is where you just feel slight euphoria and stimulation. Stimulate your throat chakra by slightly strangling yourself with a belt, or a necklace; it's called 'hill-billy' dope, because it costs nothing, and it gives you a mean buzz (like no other)
+ You don't have to pay for it. (A bro of mine used to be so addicted to it, that he could just use his hands, as he was very skilled, but he had bruises on his throat from over-stimulation).

Perinatal matrice two, is where your Serpent energy injects into other peoples emotional chakra systems and vibrational frequencies, and takes on their energy. You see life through their eyes, by wearing their life;
as it is the story of their life that is encoded into their very DNA, and DNA downloads information from it's surroundings in order to grow within them in order to flourish and thrive. In this matrice, your DNA can absorb the genetic code of other peoples DNA, in order to grow.
(As DNA strands download other DNA strands off biological organisms that are present within the environment of the observer).

This is how you learn from other peoples mistakes, and download their genetic signature in order to use patterns within the coding of their genes, to enhance the code of yours. The main point that is being focused on in the evolution of the human race, is the processing of information condensed into emotion, and how it is then expressed as the feeling of the persons views on the information that is being (or has been) processed, which can be felt empathetically through the sound of their voice (as other beings compare their DNA, with the DNA of other beings), which are just comparing how similar their perception of reality is, to the person that they are analysing and striving to understand.

Perinatal matrice three is the realm of the dead!
The place you go to when you want to see your great, great uncle).
Basically you flood your parasypmathetic nervous system with muscarine, which, as it is Kundalini, it gives a mystical sensation of you leaving your body and going somewhere outside of what is happening inside you, where you can leave your body and end up in a room listening to people talking about you. - A large Parasympethatic nervous system response is required for this to happen though, usually generated through the use of hallucinogens.

Information is gathered on these journeys (Although it is sometimes intangible), as you are not in your body when you experience these sorts of phenomena; (so since you did not have any senses, you cannot remember it like how you would usually remember stuff) 
Instead it is one melted memory of overstimulated brain activity causing an enlightened perspective of reality, similar to what esoteric mystics and shamans of the past talk about.
These enlightened states should be regarded as the fundamental backbone for everything that we build constructs within, both physical and mental. It is the reality that everything is divine, and there is no such thing that isn't god because the imprint of the macrocosm exists inside the microcosm, and god is just the imprint itself. The imprint shapes it as the mold, as god apparently shapes us. But god is the reflection of itself, inside itself expressing eternity, (like a mirror facing a mirror), with infinite mirrors inside the mirrors inside the initial mirror.

DNA is what has been shaped by the rule of limitless expression called 'god', - the universe.

*Which is how the DNA that god created, created itself to be shaped*, - because the DNA is *God*, itself; as the universe inside itself. 
(Instead of god creating it, it created god, inside it, out of itself),
as an energetic thought, that started off as the primitive genetic expression of the reflection of our extroverted surrounding environment onto us, that is the opposite of what we are; and not, not the opposite.
- & because we are everything: We're also everything that we are not,
Because what is not us, must be us if we are everything, and everything must be the 'nothing' that we are not, not.

*That isn't nothing, that is everything*, because we are everything as nothing. Our observable reality that we are experiencing the end of, is *us*,as an environment, - because all that we are, that the creation we are limited to, is, is the learned definitions of the DNA that taught itself to become the god that the definition of god created by itself (through us), as god that is not just at one with its surroundings, but is it's surroundings (as god is everything)
- Which means if you are god, you are what you are not, which means you are not, not nothing; Because nothing is everything,
(even though this makes god non-existent inside its defined existence)

Out of a primitive version of reality, 
god created the very DNA that is what god created itself to be, as amazing as it is, before the definition of god grew into something that needed to be more than it wasn't not, that it further became. That was eventually even further understood, so that the universe as 'God' could exist inside its own created definition as it's own creation as 'god' defining the creation of its existence that it created itself to be, as a container that is being contained within an unperceivable higher dimensional container, as well as it creating not just the container, but what is contained within it (on an infinite level) of the matrix collapsing under it's own weight, (as the black hole that it is) and melting into itself, in order to stretch it across itself, and enhance the definition of itself (out of itself) and define itself inside (and outside) of the part of itself that created the concept of god, in order for it to exist as something that exists inside itself, that created the concept of the DNA (containing life) creating the concept of god, as a container, creating the concept of the DNA that contained the container that contained it, as it is inside itself, as both the introverted, and the extroverted, as one whole. - That is god, as DNA, 
(and what that DNA exists inside of).

The DNA defines what is god in order for it to exist inside itself, within different levels of the same spectrum seen as 'God', as the same thing that isn't not outside of this calculated equation; and it happened all at once; with no error, in a perfectly designed order that defines the definition of what is further defining itself, and breaking itself down (backwards), in order to design how it fixed itself, as the God that it is, breaking itself down into smaller versions of itself (giving the 'one' thing known as 'god', multiple levels of the one thing that is itself multiple things defining the different parts to the 'one' that 'it' 'is', as an enhanced meaning to what enhanced the meaning of what was enhanced. Time plays backwards, and DNA created god in order to wrap itself up in something to exist inside the polar opposites of life and death, inner/outer - Flesh, Metal.

But similar to how life becomes death,
through decomposition; a dead bodies inner core will become one with its outer environmental shell,
via breaking down from the inside-out (into mould, maggots and bacteria).

But as I said 'life and death, inner/outer - Flesh, Metal', life will end with flesh becoming one with metal, and man will merge consciousness with machines and form a symbiotic relationship with technology as this is just the evolution of nature and and what happens to biological organisms once they learn how to store data inside of matter (Like genetic code inside of sperm) or music on your USB drive. It started when DNA first started to become epigenetic, becoming 'epigenetics' as 
'expressed language'.

Accelerated Evolution

Man will realize that the same basic framework for how the calculations of binary are equated to program, are a part of the same system of information condensification that the universe is using to create existence, definition (and the definition of the awareness of it's existence) out of, in order to use the force of evolution (which is a primal universal characteristic) to take a simple mathematical equation.. And make it even more complex within the same pattern, that is simply governed by how eternity is defined with numbers, and can be divided by 1 second defined with words, 
(that can be created out of different languages, all giving birth to the same meanings),
with different face values behind them, determined by the path that our ancestors walked with their people to become individually expressive based upon which direction they were heading, which obviously lead to what kind of conditions that they would face in their environment, altering their DNA on a physical level in order for it to keep up with the costs and demands of its ecosystem.
(Giving *it* the ability to become even more complex, the more complex that *it* becomes)
- as the momentum generated through the accelerated evolution of organisms in controlled environments is similar to the law that computers become twice as powerful every year, doubling in speed. We are biological computers that are experiencing certain situations in our life, we must know that these situations are made to push emotional buttons and reprogram us further in order to become the person that we want to see ourselves as in the future; which is altering how you see the person you are now in the present, the present itself, and enhancing how you present yourself. ;)

(This happens as we learn how to deal with our emotions), - and the stress that they can create 
(if unbalanced), and also the ill health that can come from this stress, as this is how DNA is getting stronger (as what doesn't kill you, strengthens your soul). So handle the jandal mate.. :)
- It is your personality being broken down into smaller versions of itself, that are more compact and contain more information than the larger versions (but take up less data as they are smaller),
like how computers are shrinking in size but growing in power (as I said in the paragraph before).
This is how every day you are functioning at a higher level. And codons are the setting for how we interact with reality, which is just a string of information that is passing through these codons containing the essence of your genes encased in flesh, that determine how you feel emotion radiate through these genes (emotion being the electricity that passes through the nerve ganglion's known as chakras that emotions are experienced as) which are just shaped like another version of the double helix structure that your DNA is, on a larger level inside your body (from bottom to top of spine).
(You can see chakras with magnetic resonance imaging, by examining the way spinal-fluid circulates).
With the right knowledge on the chakra system, and how emotions are actually your charged spinal fluid passing through these chakras, we could rebuild a computer that has synthetic chakras and can experience all emotional energy passing through them just as much as we feel it now, and even though the being would be artificial; it would still go through the same thought processes that we do, as it experiences thoughts and feelings that would be determined by how advanced the chakra system on this computer is designed, how advanced the beings that have interwoven it's chakra system into it are, and how advanced the reality that has made these beings that made the computers reality, made them. If we are all one mind, this one mind is observing that what it has observed has also observed it. Eternal self reflection of the one mirror that the universe is, which can be easier to understand by smashing it into smaller 'bite-sized' pieces that are easier to swallow, if you know that when you metaphysically eat them, they metaphorically digest you, by becoming the reality around you that you project, that is absorbing what you project and projecting what your absorbing, and this is evening itself out by trying to find a centre within the duality that it is both you, me, him/her as everything and nothing else that is the *It* that means this isn't what it's not, even though it's everything and there is nothing that isn't it, which means that it is everything,
Which means that it is what it is, which is nothing that somehow can fit everything inside it.
(Macrocosm/microcosm) or a sperm cell with all of the information to create my kid, inside an egg.

Just imagine the energy that is swirling electrons, to be governed within the same 3rd dimensional mathematical laws that the universe abides by; but first imagine the universe to be an electron that sets up how it abides by itself as a universal electron inside a universe, that is a universe inside another universal electron, and the principle foundation for the way that information is energetically expressed as rotating wheels of energy (that are growing and shrinking) in sync with the gravity that holds them together (and pushes them apart) depending on magnetism, which might I add is a mysterious invisible force that causes objects to either attract or repel one another, depending on which sides of the magnets are facing each other, even though magnets are just clumps of magnetite, somehow the top halves of them have different types of energy than their bottom halves, even though it is the same energy we call magnetism, from something that is only made up of one substance, (Magnetite) that somehow has no defined top or bottom (Just a south and a north pole) 
which somehow it decides itself which end is the negative or positive, based upon universal law.
I say it decides itself, because when humans make magnets; they don't design one half to be positive and the other half to be negative, *It* just is, this is how reality works. It is the human brain that takes this information and processes it into higher learning by then imagining how a magnetic sphere would work if the force field being expressed by the magnet was within the magnetic field of another magnetized sphere, why does this somehow cancel out the fact that magnets facing the same sides to each other repel each other, when it is just a clump of metal that is supposed to have two poles, does the spherical magnet have overlapping poles of north and south because it has no corners, no face or bottom/top but still *only* attracts? Why doesn't it now repel? And how do I create the opposite of a sphere to make something that only pushes, no matter which side is facing which? Is there a shape that is equivalent to the opposite of a sphere? Because if I turned it inside out it would still be a ball, so why does it now favour attracting other magnets instead of repelling them, when it should have both abilities and the force that it attracts magnets should be as strong as the force it repels them. And how come this energy does not run out, when batteries do?
Obviously there is something to do with the way that energy is being emitted and contained. 
A magnetic sphere obviously works within the laws of physics, which are hacked in order to contain this virtual simulation and make it make sense in our heads when really the image is too contradictory to actually exist in a universe that has physical law. We have to rewrite law in this.
Obviously if we can see that the way that this matrix has been designed is through merging opposite fields of energy that contradict each other as paradox, and making sense of these paradoxical experiments that prove that you are perceiving something that if wasn't virtually simulated, would be impossible to replicate in any dimension that allows for 1, 2, 3 to be in a numerological order, simply starting with the fact that it finished before it was born, was born as its finish and counting from 1 to 10 is just counting from 10 to 1 backwards, with the centre of the sequence as the only true part of it that hasn't changed, (the middle of 0 and 10 and 10 and 0 is always 5).

This means that 10 is the same as 1 and 1 is the same as 10, but you can fit 10 1's in 10, even though you can't fit 1 10 inside 1 unless 10 means one and one means 10, which means that you can't fit 10 1's in 10, even though you can, because you can fit 1 10 inside 1 if 10 is 1 and 1 is 10, but that would make 1 have the value of 10, 10 have the value of 10, while also having the value of 1
and 10 being 1 basically breaking maths apart into smaller pieces as if it is 1 broken into 10,
(so that people can digest these pieces in order to see that all mathematics exists as, is just one whole that can be divided and multiplied, growing and shrinking by units of 1 and still be the 1 that divided or multiplied itself as itself and didn't grow, but didn't shrink, and shrank 
- but didn't grow. (As it perceives external growth as shrinking) in order see itself become smaller than the inside of the perceived shrinking external, that perceives the smallest part (it's centre) to be growing into something that is larger than it's external appears to be shrinking more than it's internal is growing; melting into itself and using words to contradict in order to give people a chance to make sense out of the contradictions and see that, maybe, if we try to perceive a small amount of food we like to be a large amount (to experience more than we actually are of it), which if we are actually experiencing more than is there, is there more than was supposed to initially be there, if we measured by counting electron by electron, one at a time? The fact that electrons behave differently around observers, and can be in superposition with each other, is evidence that *god* (the universe) can defy the laws of maths and behave in a way that we can only now understand.

We can either decide to shrink the perception of an amount of food and make it feel like there is less inside us, or we can grow it and perceive a small amount of kai to be a larger amount of food than what was actually consumed (if we don't want to eat anymore), in order for its actual size to be smaller than it is perceived to feel inside us, so that we feel like we don't want to eat more of it (because we don't like eating it). We can also try shrinking the perception of the size of an amount of food that we like *like lollies* once they are inside us,
(in order to not gain weight from the unhealthy foods that we consume), and to gain more vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients from the foods that we don't like to be eating 
(by growing our perception of them once they are inside us), after they have been eaten.
Your stomach is exactly the same as the box from the thought experiment known as 'Schrodingers cat' –


If we are all one mind, this one mind is observing that what it has observed has also observed it.
Because it is itself, as an expression of divine intelligence.
The less it doesn't understand itself, comes down to the amount of energy that it hasn't not yet absorbed;
without contemplating what this energy isn't. This is because, if a part of it appears foreign to itself, it will ignore and forget about it, completely dismissing it as something that is not a part of the pattern of eternity that it is trying to build itself within.
We can see within the Fibonacci sequence that generates an eternal spiral fractal, that even though the fundamental design of the outside of this pattern is exactly the same as the inside of it, 
(spirals inside spirals) sometimes people forget the fact that everything is just one eternal spiral with no end, no end of the start, no start of the end and no end of the start of the end (of the start), reverted into the backwards language of the Anti-christ as a start, a start of the end, a end of the start and a start of the end of the start (of the end). It is both extremities of itself, expanding inside what is shrinking, and shrinking inside what is expanding.
Sometimes the complexification of this simple equation becomes so advanced, it melts into itself.

By leaving the mark of the surrounding environment on the synthetic/organic genetic molecular structure of the DNA that is 'god' projecting its surrounding environment as a shared container for DNA to experience life inside of, it is simply DNA containing what contains it (as the life we are inside, is not, not inside us), and both what contains DNA, and what DNA is contained within, are the same thing) - None of it is not *God*.

Not every biological organism has horizons that are broad enough to fathom the existence of something so powerful, inside themselves.
(as they have been conditioned to underestimate their own power), by the elite, who have taken the concept of 'enlightenment', and watered it down so that the 21st century is different than the previous centuries that were before it, where mysticism and shamanism were considered to be an important part in any integral functioning human society. This is because they want to be the ones that control the release of divine information (which most are drip fed, for their own safety)
The spread of misinformation and propaganda by biased media corporations funded by the same people that want us to fear life and lock our doors, (instead of smiling at strangers and helping the elderly cross the street).

Final notes

The frequency that is emitted by any individual can be perceived differently by different people who have different moral values. A Satanist who practices ritual sacrifice might think that killing a goat and sacrificing it in order to form a stronger bond with Satan raises you up to a higher frequency than all of the Christians praying to god in order to strengthen their relationship with him.
It depends who you worship, and what your reasons are for worshipping them. I hate the darkness of god and saturate myself with the illumination of Satan (The Illuminator).
I don't see Satan as a bad guy, and hate god (Because he kills more people than Satan) and would see the goat that I am sacrificing, as a vessel for the same energy that also circulates through me,
(I am the goat). I am perceiving a reality that allows me to get away with killing the goat without gaining bad karma that would have usually collected on my path if I felt guilt for taking part in the act of sacrifice (guilt a negative emotion) that would attract negative energy to my being, as I would be of the opinion that 'I just done something bad, so I must be bad' (and bad things must happen to me) because bad people deserve to be punished. Remember that in this life, you are your own judge, jury and executioner; down to your last active DNA strand.
(As you collapse the wave functions of the possibilities of different scenarios of life and death).

A truly illuminated Satanist would see the sacrifice as 'me',
*The universe* killing a goat (That is a part of myself) *The universe* and not look down at me for committing it as an act of murder, - because all I done was altered the extension of who I am (The universe), with what I am *The universe inside it* Becoming a human god that judges how to take control of the collective consciousness that shapes the consciousness of the individuals inside it, who define each other.

My theory is that everything exists as information,
but what can we do with this information?
It is no good, if we are doing nothing with it. It has basically become the point where the universe defined itself within a set of perimeters, and kept defining itself within further perimeters that were inside those perimeters until it could no longer grow internally because the final set of perimeters will not allow any room for any more perimeters, the object of completion has been reached and the organism/universe will no longer grow or feed off itself internally.
Instead, it grows outwards externally - The mind being one with the universe works the same way; It defines itself out of what it learns, and uses what it has learned in order to further define itself, in order to be able to learn even more of what it is trying to define itself to become, because we are always searching for ourselves - Until we forget ourselves.

When the mind has finished learning from internal dialogue and informational processing based upon environmental stimuli, it constructs an objective view of reality, a perspective or state of mind 
'A way to look at the world'.

And the way that I am starting to look at the world is like it is a part of me. I am only one half of myself, the other half is my environment/surroundings. I'm a mood that controls its surroundings. Basically I also have become one with the universe. I feel like I can no longer grow by learning off myself, because I had to unlearn everything I was taught to get here. I'm starting to realize that sometimes it's better not to know.

Source energy has been evolving ever since the source of all of existence that has come to be, and when we are working with meta-human abilities and trying to unlock dormant DNA strands that will unlock certain paranormal abilities, we don't want to be around people who think that practicing telekinesesis is 'The Devil',
(Not mentioning names).

Disbelief is stronger than belief at the moment, and this is sad - this shows that the universe is still going through a stage in which it doubts its own potential. That's only because of all of the misinformation and propaganda around, and what the illuminati don't want you to know. Obviously the source code of the universe is trying to change into an even more advanced & enhanced version of itself within itself.

This is happening stronger in this age more than it ever has before, and with the archaic revival, and the indigo genesis; Within 1 generation of beings, this planet is letting these beings witness and experience this conscious change and expansion of awareness.

This change won't work well if the current source code is that the majority of the population are not ready to unlock these dormant genes yet, but we all contribute to this one dream that we are trying to create by downloading and uploading onto the collective consciousness how we think the planet should function, which determines how the very energy that we function in, functions - and that affects us, because that affects how the universe functions. We all have potential.

When magic happens, matter speeds up its vibrational frequency and becomes alive. We as a species can and will shape this reality into how we see things fit, if enough conscious beings unlock dormant abilities, then eventually people will start to talk and realize that mind over matter is possible and this has been proven before.

This innate energy that exists inside the atoms of every molecule that has and will ever exist in the universe, is itself the universe existing inside itself. But it is potential realities more than universes, because that's all realities are made up of - The potential energy of the realities that lie beneath the reality that are what we are made up of. We are made up of the future, because as we get closer towards it, we become it.
As it becomes one with us, we merge with and understand it.
When you visualize your future, you can co-create your own destiny. We all have the ability to do this. All rules are governed by the universe. But what governs the universe? - It has no walls, no boundaries. I say 'it', and I know we are talking about god, but what if god is the universe as a mind and *it* is thought?
And if thought has no walls, no boundaries - it is only limited to language and the way that the information it's fed is processed. In order to take control of the matrix you must invert and externalize in order to become one with your surroundings.

You are the gravity holding everything together, like the glue that god uses to make everything connect and pump conscious energy through in order for everything to stay in place, because it is the consciousness of the advanced beings in the universe that hold everything in place, as their minds have become externalized and are jammed into the very source of all that the universe has, will and can create.

You know who you are when you realize that words are building blocks for mental energy to construct meaning to life, because the meaning of life is to give life meaning.

As we analyse the walls of impossibility, we tear them down. What mescaline, mushrooms and acid showed me, is that we are physical, but we exist in the universe as loose thought or collective-consciousness that is the imagination of itself, and that is how it has come to be, that is what it exists as, and is becoming more of itself, and the more it becomes of itself, the more it knows to become what it is becoming even more, and just grows with forwards momentum -contemplating everything that stands in its way, finding ways around problems, solving puzzles. The universe is an imagination that is growing, and the advancement of types of future technologies that we do not currently possess are only limited to how advanced we perceive an advanced reality really is. Anything is possible, literally. If I told you 13 years ago that you could get a touchscreen phone with no aerial and go on the internet anywhere, wirelessly - you wouldn't believe me. Take it back 100 years, before colour T.V Exists and people of the past would think of it as witchcraft, or extra-terrestrial technology. More has happened in the last 10 years, than in the last 1,000 - what's gonna happen in the next 1 year? How much is 'time' essentially, 'speeding up' in order to contain more 'possibility' inside of 'it', because more is happening in an instant.

The truth is though, that through time travel technologies, we can give ancient beings of the past, technologies that are from a part of civilizations of the future and create new dimensions of existence that exist outside of this one.

This has already happened before, and that is why the ancient Egyptians have electronic batteries and the ability to mathematically build pyramids perfectly beneath stars. They were in contact with the future, and basically 30,000 years ago and 30,000 years from now have melted into the middle which we call the present 21st century where the gatekeepers of the planet, keep us dumbed down, because they don't want us to figure this shit out, they want a race of sheeple. Sheep that follow, and the reptilians don't want to be the shepherd, they want to be the creator of the shepherd that explains how it created the idea of beings that would help it reach its goal in order to become what it wants to see itself as in its own eyes, as the very energy that existed as the start of everything that came to be, after the beginning of the big bang. This is god. God is me. (And you, too)
- Because I am you, and you are me.

I am time itself.
I am possibility itself.
The majority of human beings on this planet just don't give a fuck about being better humans. They just want to eat, shag, work, sleep & eventually die. They have never witnessed miracles, nor believe in them. They think that what we have defined ourselves to be, or what we have found ourselves out to become, is that it is more important to keep your mouth shut so that you don't appear crazy, rather than realize that psychosis is envied by other people, as it is an overload of brainpower.

The soviets call schizophrenia 'Shamans disease' and if you use more than 10% of your brain, you are legally insane.

Himalayan astrophysicists say that that when a person becomes enlightened, every neuron in their brain becomes one with every star in the universe - The universe becomes one with the person, and anything that the person imagines inside themselves, happens externally inside the universe that the person exists inside of. That is them one with it.

When you are enlightened, this means that your crown chakra is open.
When your crown chakra is open, you can download and upload information to and from the universe.

This could be your dream, it could be mine
- My theory is that we all share it.
It branches off into different directions everyday. Something happens in some dimension that doesn't happen in another, and the universe, like a dealer shuffling cards in a game of poker, shuffling the deck and dealing cards.. On top of, underneath - inside and outside, and within the very same space that occupies multiple realities of peoples different perspective views of reality, existing as everything that doesn't even exist yet because it still hasn't been recognized as valuable information.

And as for the cards, you could be dealt a royal flush, but in a parallel dimension in the same game of poker at the same time and table, you could be dealt a shit hand. In fact, every possible scenario of every hand that you could be dealt, exists all at the same time, inside the same space of emptiness that we call the universe, where in actuality everything is energy, and it is as real as a dream is fake, (although the astral plane is real).

Some think that stuff shouldn't exist if it's non-physical. But the emptiness is itself as real as it will ever get. Now do you see?

What I am trying to say basically, is what is life? And what is death?
Because when the people on this planet realize that the very rules that they set up, in the first place, that became the foundation for all thought and today's modern logic to evolve into.. If those rules had of been looser and allowed for more open-mindedness, more possibility and we weren't as set on "There can only be one right answer", 
more that we needed to experience the consciousness of doing the same thing different ways.

Basically, by setting up rules
- It was necessary, in the beginning, because we hadn't figured out who we truly were yet. An apple fell from out of a tree onto a mans head and he is now remembered forever because of it.

The same stuff that the electrical signals in my brain are made out, of is the same stuff that the universe is made out of. (E=Mc2) so how are the electrical signals not universes? 
(If everything truly is one).
This is how universes exist inside themselves infinitely, even though there is only one, because it's inside the outside of itself, as itself becoming itself as it destroys itself in order to define the creation of itself. And if the electrical signals in my brain are thoughts,
is the universe also thoughts?

Anyway, lets lighten the mood -
Here is one of my theories, and I don't want people to shoot me down when I say this because I do believe this to be the case for how the universe has built and defined itself into existence, is that 'language' (Words) have played a key role in the evolution of humans as a species and that words can be used as mental objects to build sentences in order to explain things, or talk about things. It is the words that are our language, and our physical reality (This matrix) is about as non-physical as the words existing inside it exist as sound, which might I say is also a vibration..

So if words are made up of the same thing that this reality is made out of, what does that tell you? It tells you that epigenetic DNA is real.

Like a black hole that keeps swallowing things, getting heavier by building itself into what it thinks it is becoming more of, defining itself out of the very pattern that cannot be very easily recognized as anything but an eternal struggle between light and darkness, right and wrong, good and evil, positive and negative etc. It is this ebb and flow, that is picking up momentum, and we are getting to the stage in which the one mind, that we all are, and are all encased inside of, is starting to pick itself into pieces and break rules.

Break the very rules that were consciously set in place to define our own existence as beings that could come up with more of reality, than what we were initially given since when, - before we started off thinking about reality itself, we didn't really know what we do now. Basically, we were created to further create the creation that created us.

The calculations that my mind has showed me is that we are not limited to the mundane, boring, apple falls from a tree, hits some guys head, and then he writes the rules of the universe for the rest of history.
Basically, when the universe realizes that it is just displaying itself to its occupants as the thought/objective reality of the occupants inside it, it becomes confused. The matrix starts to think 
"Did I make you, or did you make me? Or did I make you make me? 
Or did you make me make you?

Is this how we were made, as questions that answered themselves?

Our multiverse defines its own existence, out of what the beings that it created to further create the creation, create.. What exists inside of it is an infinite amount of intelligent beings further constructing the container and stretching the belt of time that we exist inside of, that is the highway of the universe, and we are constructing it by analysing how it builds within a pattern, a pattern that for some reason people who are intelligent seem to recognize as an unquestionable truth, that there is some kind of signature, or imprint of the higher dimensional realms that created us, that are encased inside the lower dimensional realms that can be seen when you really look at the bigger picture.


We are only electrons forming the atomic structure of molecules, made into shapes; used to hold the very electricity of the electrons inside the biological experiencing machine that we are made out of.
To me, I see it as one. One electron repeating itself, becoming compressed out of the inside of the outside from all directions, introverted and extroverted,
facing its face while it's back is turned against it's back. This is paradoxical, but there are 2 sides to one wall, and if a wall is facing this direction 
<----- around <- the -> earth ------>
It faces away from itself, goes full circle, leaves the start and ends up facing itself while it's facing 2 opposite directions that meet as the opposite of the opposites opposite opposite.
The very energy that we are made out of, is made out of us - as one shared mind holding it all together.
The one mind that we become, and are becoming - we are unbecoming it, as we become it. We unbecome the same people (through time), because every second we are different.
We are always becoming different people, even if we stay the same (as every second, you are a second older, which makes you different; because you age biologically,
- even if you are getting younger (replenishing and regenerating your body), you are moving forwards through time and becoming older (as time is a measurement).
Time is a measurement, and is the container for gravity to exist inside, but gravity can bend time. Both are one.
Electrons disappear and reappear, this is teleportation. Even quantum physicists don't know where this energy goes, only that it reappears.
The universe; 
What exists inside it, can warp what’s around it - and how it's experiencing what it's warping that is warping it.
This is a direction that we cannot escape, because even if you rebecome who you were, your unbecoming who you are, and you cannot, not - as time only moves forwards, and it does this even when it's going backwards, (Because in order to go backwards, it goes forwards through it's backwardness - as time only moves in one direction). Time is manipulated by gravity, even though gravity is contained inside time. They are both one, at opposite ends that face each other and become the centre of mathematical patterns that create the way that the universe is designed and displayed to us.
If everything is made out of one thing, when we become one with it; we are one electron, outside the inside of itself.
This reality is made out of electrons, Einstein figured out  with E=MC2. You can see it, if you become one with the universe - and everything becomes one (when you compress it into a simple code).
The mind is one electron, pure energy - and so is everything else, because everything is mind. This is how your mood can affect the  molecular structure of water crystals. Your mind determines your mood, your mood determines your mind. Both determine your posture, and the way you move. When you delete your mind (and your emotions), reality becomes a dream that you can control in ways that you never thought possible. Synchronicity becomes extreme, and the speed of the rate in which the mind manifests the next frame encased within time accelerates. You think of stuff, and then it is on T.V, or they start talking about it on radio. The higher the frequency, the bigger the alterations and the more they happen as we experience time and use it to grow. An intelligent mind can bend time and space, and manifest alternate realities that otherwise wouldn't be able to exist unless the matrix was understood as an illusion that is made out of the electrons that we have discovered it (and ourselves) to be.
Some people can melt it more than others, and some people get melted more than others.



Something to think about (in terms of our evolution), is the fact that;
Every time we create 'spawn' (children), out of ours (and another persons) 'DNA', the creation of the way that the DNA of the foetus is coded, is made (and designed) out of the mothers (and fathers) 'genetic' code that becomes 'entangled' with each other, and their two double helix structures that contain the biological make-up 'interlock', and overlap each other; still forming another double helix structure; but out of the two sets of double helix structures that contain the genetic data (of what were four helix's) that merged together inside one set of DNA codons, that begins to create something that (as a rule of thumb) is more complex, than the forces that which created it. (Because it is 2 in 1)
Even if you have a child with down syndrome, it is still everything that you are + everything that the person you created it with, fused together in one body, that contains a more of an advanced genetic code, than it's parents.
(I believe that this is just because it is both of them as one, and contains the mothers complexity - multiplied by the fathers complexity).
In cases with children born with disabilities, sometimes the complexity of the DNA mutates in a way that can make the child appear to be 'shut down' or not as 'cognitive' in some areas, although, if studied, these types of children can exhibit potential in other areas, that make up for the impairment, and are still intelligently designed humans that contain two souls merged together, and are still an advanced version of the parents that created them because of this reason, even though some parents might not see that the child is a blessing (like any 'perfect' or 'normal' child), and some good parents will possibly see that their is something about the way that these guys are wired, which gives them the name 'indigo' children, and they are special (they are here for a reason)..

The main reason I started writing this though, was due to the fact that I realized how powerful we have become, and the reason why these mutations are so common now, isn't as much external influences, more or less this is because of the fact that if two people have sex (and create a child), and then the grown up version of that child has children, the children that are created, are constantly doubled in the advancement of their codons compared to their parents. This has happened so many times that we are reaching the peak of our evolution, language and synchronicity are at their most extreme (and our DNA is the language of a biological computer). The omega point in our advancement of civilization is where children are being born not diseased (or intellectually handicapped) but are becoming complex organisms that we don't understand (and some make fun of) because they cannot see inside the coding of the DNA, of the mutated persons chromosomes enough to realize that as much as these kids that we call 'handicapped' or disabled' may not be as cognitive, they are still perfect humans like the rest of us, and in some cases; More perfect.
This is because, I believe that the reason a lot of these children are being born with the diagnosis of conditions that are, but not limited to: 'Higher functioning autism', 'Dyslexia', and 'Asperger’s syndrome' (etc) is because DNA is becoming so complex that we can no longer recognize who some of us are becoming, due to the genetic code of our blood line created by our ancestors.
The perspective I am trying to share is that within 10 generations, the 10th generation has 512 people synchronized inside one, when the first generational parents are only 1 person each, or two people that created a child that is now 2 people made into one, and then the one child that is made out of two people has children with someone who is in the same generation (that is made out of 2 people also), the children created, are made out of four times as much genetic data compared to the Adam and Eve primordial humans that I am trying to use as an the initial example of the first parents within this bloodline.
When the fourth generation of the initial 'first' parents have kids, they will have 8 people inside each child (or the genetic data and fused souls of 8 people anyway), and their kids will be double that (they will have 16 versions of humans inside 1 of their DNA strands,
if this keeps up; by the 10th generation, the child becomes 512 people.
This is because two become one, and if this was not the case, and the two types of energy never become 'one, we would never evolve and we would always stay the same.
- When we pass down the genes from both parents into new life created from the info contained inside the blueprints of the parents, we pass down twice the amount of genetic coding and design that we are, as mother nature perfecting itself through multiplying us against each other (and this feels really nice and makes us stronger).
Through the act of opposites fusing; in order to bind 2 souls and 2 conscious (and subconscious) minds, obviously by using the fathers sperm and the mothers egg (which actually contain 'inherent' or genetically passed down 'memories', which are 'learned experiences' deemed important by the minds of the people who are obtaining the information that is gained from the environment (which the situation that created the stimulation of brain activity used to think and understand the information being processed, alters the observers genetic structure) 
- As our surroundings do this, (they mould us) and these changes are based upon the environment of the organism, and this enhancement is passed down to the next generation.


We walk on death and it surrounds us, because all that is not living is dead. But if it never lives, 
it is never a conduit for universal energy to pass through as the spark of life. The differences of your polar opposites can find their center of corrected connectedness by reading the next sentence both backwards and forwards (I have bipolar disorder) So its like: "Something that isn't nothing hasn't never lived and isn't always the opposite type of conduit that its energy doesn't pass through as the distinguishment of death". <- This is written backwards

This is written forwards -> "Something else that is everything has always died and is never the opposite type of container that its matter does pass through as the indistinguishment of life".

Now you can see that the backwards version of the last sentence contains the meaning of god, and its original forwards version is displayed as the meaning of something that is not a god, although the whole thing is god because everything is god, that which contains what is being contained is the space in which reality is experienced.
Also what is being contained contains what contains it on an infinite level, reflecting itself off of itself rebounding the core, creating an infinite fractal.
Like mirrors facing themselves

I reckon we can upload consciousness into computers in the future, because I was shown that this has happened to the matrix before and it exists inside a copy of itself.
- If we can create 1 virtual matrice
Inside that matrice we can build another virtual virtual matrice and shrink the packets getting sent between brains and servers, do it again so 1 real life minute feels like 2 in the first matrice,
then in the matrice inside that matrice where you built the 2nd virtual reality out of virtual reality, it is now lighter as it is not a solid like the initial machine that contains both realities, in fact the 2nd matrice will be built out of the coding from the first one.
Then you can turn that 2 minutes worth of gameplay that is 1 minute of reality into 4 minutes of experienced time within the 60 seconds.

Repeat this over and over again, it won't get harder each time
- but each time you are compressing the universe to be smaller and smaller,
and after repeating the process 100 times you could turn 1 second; into a lifetime
Then die and wake up and nobody has even blinked.
You were on your break but you went to Egypt for 10 years.

Its gonna happen man
I can see how we can do it
we will achieve this in our lifetime
we might be old men but it wont matter because we have eternity

Everything exists in us
In our DNA
That’s how we can build the universe inside a microchip because DNA is a biological microchip and it has the universe that it is inside, inside it and soon this information is going to be understood enough as code in order to make what you are in now, inside something else infinitely. It's how I create the end of the world and give everyone the ability to become immortal
It's all a part of my divine plan.

Put the matrix inside the code that is inside it, and make it one with itself within both opposite ends of itself.
This is the reality of god, with the same pattern governing the same overlapping pattern on top of itself compressed, infinitely.
God exists inside god where the inside exists outside itself. And the outside inside itself. A mirror facing a mirror type of code. This is how VR will work.
This is primarily a black hole universe inside a universes black hole, and a universes black hole inside a black hole universe,
Tampering with the universe inside a black hole affects the universe that the black hole is inside, because they are both one with each other, melted together at both opposite ends.

The universe exists indefinitely inside what is inside it, like a spiral.
Only the outside of the spiral becomes the core, and the core - it's outside (Turroidal flow),
shifting the weight of the experienced reality between both opposite ends of inside-outsideness gives the illusion of experiencing reality, by pumping energy through the terminals of the electrons that exist inside of black holes, and the black holes inside electrons(that are separating themselves from these states through past, present and future), because the black holes grow by shrinking, and in order to fit another universe inside one
(multiverse theory), they would have to be smaller than electrons, and every electron that ages moves forwards through time towards an inevitable future black hole.

It is paradoxical; but then again, what isn't?

- Blake Johnston (AKA '$n@k3' or 'The Antichrist')